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I have developed a model that contains modifications to industry output, payroll, employment, intermediate inputs, and the remaining components of value-added for three economic sectors.  In addition to those changes, production functions for those industries have been adjusted for both the mix of gross inputs and the level of regional inputs.  These customizations require a lengthy process of inputting new gross absorption coefficients and RPCs for each of the three industries' local use of commodities.

I am modeling a scenario where industry output in one of the three modified sectors has reduced sales and reduced other-property type income.  Labor compensation, number of jobs, taxes, and intermediate inputs are left unchanged from the customized values.  (I understand that only changing other-property type income and industry output while keeping everything else constant only shows up as changes in value-added and total output for that impact scenario).  Upon making those changes, the model must be re-compiled.  When doing so, the customization of trade flows, absorption, and RPCs revert back to their default values for all three modified sectors.

 I have exported the customized production functions to the library, and understand that the absorption values change when industry output changes since I am not allowing any change in the level of intermediate inputs.  Therefore, the industry with reduced output and reduced other property-type income will require inputting new coefficients.  The production functions for the other two industries can be reloaded from the library.

I have three questions:

1) Is there any way to retain the customized values for RPCs for the other two industries such that they do not have to be re-entered? 

2) I would like to add a new industry to this model, but would prefer to be able to add that industry without requiring re-entering all the RPCs for the three modified industries.  Is there a procedure or compiling protocol that would streamline this process?

3) I would like to eliminate domestic and foreign exports in one of the modified industries.  I have not found a means to force those values to zero--is it possible to do so?

Thanks, Dean 



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  • Hi Dean,

    Model customization must be completed in the order listed in the customize menu (top-to-bottom). Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent the model from reverting changes made further down the list when making changes higher in the customize list.


    That said, there are other analysis methods that may accomplish your task. If you could provide us with further context as to the goals of your study and what you are seeking to achieve by modifying the model, we may be able to suggest a more advantageous approach. 


    Thank you,

    -IMPLAN Staff


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