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    Thank you for your question. Since the theater is rented out for events like weddings, the theater is most-likely only responsible for the value created by renting out the space and managing the basic maintenance needs. This rental revenue is applicable to the Real Estate Sector, 440. 

    You would only want to estimate the wedding-related jobs as part of the theater's impact if you can prove that the theater is responsible for the regional demand for the service of rental space. This is probably not the case for most events, especially not weddings. If you were to model those jobs supported by the events renting out the theater, you'd want to model them in the sector those jobs operate within. Doing this would estimate the overall revenue and compensation also generated by these jobs.

    The revenue generated by the performances hosted by the theater applies to Sector 488, Performing arts companies. 

    Impacting Sectors 440 and 488 will not estimate the wedding-related jobs or other jobs associated with events renting the theater as indirect or induced jobs since these are what we'd consider forward linkages. It is up to you as the analyst to choose if those jobs should be modeled additionally.

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