Measuring impact of displacement of downtown employees during building major renovaation

I'm working with a client to understand how displacement of employees from a public building being renovated will impact the downtown economy.  The construction project will be for 2 years and will involve 250 construction workers.  In the meantime, 125 employees will be relocated to another area of the county.  How best to model the positive impact of construction while also taking into consideration the impact of displacement of workers and spending in the downtown?  Is it an industry change scenario or a combination of industry change and contribution analysis?  I need some on how best to approach this.  Thanks!

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    Hey Nancy, 

    I've spoken to our economists and you're definitely on the right track with the industry change scenario. We have an article HERE that walks you through completing a net analysis. The article is geared towards the new tool but the concept is the same, regardless of the version of the software you are using. 

    Please note the spending from employees is going to be based on where they live so the software won't be able to adjust for the downtown aspect. We'd recommend trying to do a survey or making assumptions on what they will no longer be purchasing (i.e. $40 a week for lunch is no longer being spent per person on lunch downtown) and you could model this as a negative impact. However, you'd likely want to specify in the report that the $40 may be spent elsewhere.  

    Thank you! 

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