Electricity transmission links to generation

Can anyone explain why the production function for Sector 47 Electric Power Transmission and Distribution has no entry for purchases of Commodity 3039 Electricity?

I see in the 2017 model for the US, Sector 49 Electric Power Transmission and Distribution has a coefficient of $0.57 for Commodity 3041 Electricity.

But in the 2018 model fo the US, the same sector has zero purchases of electricity.

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    Hello Paul,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, it's wonderful to see the level of detail you're applying to your study. You are correct, we have discovered an error in our 2018 data production related to the Electricity and Electricity Distribution industries' production functions. This error causes minor residual effects in all industries. Our team is correcting this error and reviewing all production functions found in IMPLAN presently.

    In practice, our tests have shown that in most impact analyses the error produced a 2-5% underestimation in results, though specific differences may be outside this range.

    At this time, we ask that any analyses being run are placed on hold until we have ensured that all production functions have been reviewed. We have reached out to the affected parties, and will continue to update anyone impacted until we have resolved this.

  • Thanks for jumping on this. Hopefully, the error is limited to electricity sectors. In our current study, I am not so much interested in 'results', as in impacts. We are trying to tell stories about the supply chain for a large utility, hence my interest in production functions (and RPCs)..

  • The issue with the 2018 data in IMPLAN Pro has now been resolved but will require following the instructions below in order to ensure you have the modified version of the 2018 data set you’ve purchased.

    Navigate to C:\Users\your username\AppData\Local\MIG\Implan\System Data

    Note if “AppData” is not visible, simply go to VIEW > SHOW HIDDEN at the top of the file browser

    Delete the file labeled “IMPLANStructuralMatrix2018.mbd”

    Close the file finder window and open IMPLAN PRO.

    Go to HELP > DOWNLOAD DATA ORDER and use the order number and order key you received previously. This will overwrite the data that contained the error.

    You should now have access to the updated version of the 2018 data.

    If you are still concerned and want to ensure the data downloaded correctly, please follow the steps below:

    Build a state total model, or the most populated region available to you (the Electric power transmission and distribution Sector must exist).

    Navigate to EXPLORE > SOCIAL ACCOUNTS > BALANCE SHEETS and choose Industry “47 Electric power transmission and distribution” from the drop-down menu.

    Click the Commodity Demand tab and sort by Gross Absorption.

    Your top commodity in the second row should be 3039: Electricity.

    If you have any questions or are not able to complete the download, then please email Support@IMPLAN.com.


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