How should I interpret Induced Employment?

Are these household-based jobs?

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    Hello Luis,

    Not quite but you're on the right track. Induced effects are the effects caused by workers spending their labor income out in the world (for instance, on groceries, movie tickets, etc.). 

    We have a good article HERE that explains this in much more detail. 

    Thank you!

    - Brian

  • Hi Brian,

    Thank you for the related information! I am mainly concerned with how to report on the values of Induced Employment, rather than the dollar amount of induced effects. For instance, if 100 Induced Jobs are generated through an impact, what sorts of statements can be made from this figure? Would it be accurate to assert that "100 jobs are supported by induced spending"? Or is something else taking place?

  • Hey Luis, 

    We actually had an article go live literally 2 minutes ago that should be more helpful as it explains what induced is in the sense of employment. Please find it listed under the "Employment" section HERE.

    It would probably be best to say something like "Workers spending their income in the local economy supports X number of jobs, which is the induced impact." 

    Does that help answer your question?

    Thank you, 

    - Brian


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