Is there a way that I can consolidated zips for a conference in New York City?

We had a conference in New York City and now I want to estimate the economic impact. There are a lot of codes. Is there any way that I can do a regional impact by consolidating the codes?

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    Hello Vereda, 

    Since there are so many zip codes in New York, you may want to consider using the counties to streamline the process. Usually, they are a better representation of an economy since zip codes can be so small. 

    In order to combine them, you'd simply go to the REGIONS screen and then search each region you plan to use (zip codes or counties). You'd then click the option button at the top right, beside "Selected Regions". This will then give you the option to "Combine Regions". 

    There will be some loading time associated with it as the software crunches the numbers to create a new geography. Additionally, you will only be able to see results in the region you've created (meaning, you could not then see the impact on a specific zip code/county). 

    Check out our tutorial video.

    Thank you

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