Poultry and Eggs - Sector 13

We are comparing data for sector 13 across years and there is a massive collapse in Employee Compensation due to a reduction in proprietor income.  I know data for Ag sectors is squirrely, but is there an explanation for this change?

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  • Hi there! 

    Can you provide what region you are examining? This can help us narrow in on an answer.

  • its happening pretty much across the board.  What i sent was US but here is alabama as a state example


  • Thanks for sharing that!

    I am not sure if perhaps you are looking at a region that you modified, but the numbers in IMPLAN for 2016 don't match what you have in your spreadsheet for the US or Alabama. In 2016, IMPLAN shows employment of 7,013, EC of $66,751,403, and PI of $93,572,815 for Alabama. Can you double check your 2016 data pull?

  • candi - can i email the tables to you?  I copied them right out of the us model

  • Sure! Email them over to support@implan.com!

  • For anyone reading along, the issue we found was in attempting to compare data from the 536 Industry Scheme to the 546 Industry Scheme, which isn't recommended due to the big changes in the new scheme. For more information on this, check out the article BEA Benchmark & The New 546 Industry Scheme.


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