12/7/21 5:23 pm Pacific - I am trying to access IMPLAN to do analysis, but when I click on Regions, nothing shows up and the "waiting" icon keeps spinning. Similarly, if I open a saved Impact and try to Run it after changing and saving it, it stays Queued and nothing happens. Is anything else getting this also?

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    Please accept our apologies. This is an internet wide outage for anyone using Amazon Web Services. AWS is having issues at the moment https://status.aws.amazon.com/. IMPLAN is working intermittently due to this. We hope to be back up ASAP.

  • I am wondering how long it takes IMPLAN to build a region.  I have been waiting for a 7-county region to be completed for about 30 minutes.  ...not sure if something isn't wrong...

  • Hello Peter!

    This certainly sounds like there may be some sort of issue with the Region build process in your account. If you would please submit this as a message to support@implan.com, a member of our Customer Success team will gladly help to investigate what is happening. 



    Michael Nealy


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