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I am working on estimating the impact of an investment in residential solar in our county. This involves a direct investment into the panels and installation on local rooftops. We do not have a breakout of panel costs and installation at this time. I have been asked to give a high level estimate of impact. I have considered dropping the investment in industry 61 - maintenance and repair construction of residential structures. Would there be a better industry to estimate the potential of the investment? 

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    Hello William!

    So regarding the appropriate Industry, I would actually go with Industry 60 - Maintenance and repair construction of nonresidential structures. This is because although the solar panels will be installed on residential homes, the structure construction you are modeling is itself nonresidential. Another important note here is your Event Value, this should not include the value of the solar panels themselves, as they are almost never produced locally (and thus do not generate a local impact). Typically, solar panel installation cost is primarily the cost of the panel + the labor to install.  

    Hope this helps!

    Michael Nealy

  • Michael,

    This is a big help. 



  • Michael,

    Would it be appropriate to put the residential solar installation into industry 42 - electric power generation solar? The idea is we would own the solar on a utility scale using residential roofs.


  • Hi William!

    Michael is out this week but we are happy to help. 

    If you are modeling the actual generation of the energy, then Industry 42 - Electric power generation - Solar is correct. The installation for residential would fall under 61 - Maintenance and repair construction of residential structures.


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