Do aggregate industries take over 24-hours to build the model?

I built an aggregate industries model and when I hit 'run' it takes HOURS for results.  My current analysis is at 24-hours now and still no results.  I can't run any other analysis in IMPLAN, on any other project because it just gets queued.  I've filed a ticket with support for them to look at it. 

My first aggregate model took almost 12-hours to build, however this second model is on 24-hours.  It's not even complicated model.  Simple tourism spending aggregation almost identical to the module video. 

Edit:  My aggregate industries are still not showing under my created schemes.  So I'm thinking it does take 24+ hours to build. 

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  • Hi Christian,

    No, it does not typically take that long for IMPLAN to build out a Region using a custom aggregation scheme. I will ask Customer Support to look into this for you.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!



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