Environmental indicators missing for some industries

I noticed some industries don't appear to have a corresponding value for environmental indicators. For example, industry 29 "Sand and gravel mining" has not environmental data in the Data Library. Is that right? It seems to me other industries in professional services would be more likely to not have anything. Sand and gravel mining would certainly require land and water.

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    Hello Jason!

    One of the nuances of IMPLAN's environmental data is that Industries will be missing a Value per dollar of Industry Output where the EPA value is zero or indistinguishable from zero in a given satellite. If an Industry does not have this emissions per dollar of Output coefficient, than there will be zero emission values. Our Chief Economist had this to say regarding the above:

    "There are a couple improvements to the Environmental Data we’d like to make, including doing away with the scrubbing out of tiny values. Such scrubbing of tiny values is something we do regularly with our regular IMPLAN data, to not have cases where the total employment in a sector is less than 0.25, for example; however, it later occurred to us that since the raw environmental data are ratios per $ of output, they should be allowed to be very tiny, because once applied to an industry’s output, the resultant value will not likely be small anymore! 

    In addition to doing away with the practice of getting rid of tiny values, we’ll also be updating some of the ratios with new updated EPA data, as well as shifting some of the categories according to the new raw EPA data – these additional changes will require a larger amount of loading process work, so we decided as a group to postpone the update of the Environmental Data until early 2023."

    With this being said, is there a particular Data Year/geography that you are interested in for your research? It is possible for our Data Team to pull the coefficients and emissions values for said years and geographies, and share those with you via excel.



    Michael Nealy

  • Thanks, Michael! That's make sense now. I'm building a national model of economic and environmental flows. Ideally, I need all industries by county. I know the environmental factors are held fixed across the country, so I assume they could be applied to the economic data to generate totals by county.


    I'm working to translate commodity flows into industry flows using industry/commodity totals and industry-by-commodity data from national reporting to balance an industry-by-commodity table. This issue came up in the course of this work. I'm using an iterative proportional fitting (IPF) approach and I was seeing that some commodities were only produced by one industry. That starting me looking at what categories were included in the environmental and commodity flows data in case I could potentially filter some categories out that weren't include somewhere.

    The end goal is to have industry flows by county with economic and environmental metrics, then perform various work with that dataset.


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