Best practices for modeling new manfaucturing plant over a 5 year period



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    Michael Nealy

    Hello Christian! 

    Remember that Employment in IMPLAN represents an Industry-specific mix of full-time, part-time, and seasonal employment. It is an annual average that accounts for seasonality and follows the same definition used by the BLS and BEA. These are in essence 'job years', not necessarily individual jobs (one job could be counted each year for a total of 5 employment), so you could certainly report that Total Employment as such. Another option would be to derive an 'average annual employment' figure by dividing that Total Employment by the time horizon, which in this case would be 5 years (1622/5 = 324.4 average annual employment). That is likely what I would recommend for your Results, as I think it has the clearest interpretation - however, it would not be incorrect to report 1622 total job years supported across the 5 year analysis.


    Hope this helps!

    Michael Nealy 


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    Christian Glupker

    Perfect clarification, thank you.  I like the average annual employment interpretation.  I'll use that.  Thanks again.

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