IMPLAN Industries & NAICS Correspondences


All versions of the IMPLAN Industry Schemes (except the 528) are based on NAICS codes but represent differing levels of NAICS code rollups. Generally speaking, manufacturing Industries are at the 4-5 digit NAICS detail; whereas, agriculture and services are at the 3-4 digit NAICS detail. Choosing the correct IMPLAN Industry is vital to an accurate analysis.


The IMPLAN Industry Schemes represent rollups of NAICS descriptions, and each IMPLAN Industry has its own spending pattern derived from the BEA expenditures patterns. One other key element to keep in mind when selecting a Industry is that the Industry also contains the representative ratios of Intermediate Inputs: Value Added and the Value Added ratios for that Industry in that Study Area. For all these reasons it is very important to ensure that your IMPLAN Industry represents the what you are modeling. 

Please note also that in data sets prior to 2012 there are no NAICS 23* correspondences, and while descriptions are included in 2012 forward, there are no corresponding IMPLAN Industry Codes because our construction Industries come from Census rather than NAICS. Please see related articles for this and other information about special Industries in the IMPLAN Industry Scheme.


Below is the current (2018+ data) IMPLAN Industry Scheme. Manual bridges can be found in this article: 

There are four 6-Digit NAICS codes which do not map directly to a single Industry in our current 546 Aggregation Scheme: 111191, 111336, 332117, and 335320. Therefore, these NAICS codes are split across more than one IMPLAN Industry, shown as CEW ratios in the 2017 NAICS to IMPLAN Bridge. There are 3 ratios in the Bridge from which a user can select based on the type of data: employment, wages, or an average of the two. 

IMPLAN determined the ratios for each NAICS code based on available data for those Industries. The CEW data used by IMPLAN is provided in the 6-digit NAICS code. If there was CEW data from a previous NAICS scheme (2012 or earlier) that had more NAICS detail, we use that CEW data to calculate ratios. If the NAICS code has never been split out into more detail, then we simply split it evenly among the applicable IMPLAN Industries. 

The first 2 NAICS codes, 111191 - Oilseed and Grain Combination Farming & 111336 - Fruit and Tree Nut Combination Farming, represent types of combination farming. Since there are distinct NAICS codes that represent each of those crop types individually (NAICS code 111120 - Oilseed Farming and NAICS code 111199-  Grain Farming), these combination farming NAICS codes are meant to be that way and have never been reported separately. Which is to say there wouldn’t be any CEW data that would tell us the appropriate ratios for each. Thus, we made the simple assumption that such combination farming is 50/50 farming; that is, if a farmer is performing Oilseed and Grain Combination Farming, then half of their employment and wages are for oilseed farming and half for grain farming. 

A similar rationale goes for NAICS code 332117 - Powder Metallurgy Part Manufacturing. IMPLAN has two metal forging sectors - one for Iron and steel forging and the other for Nonferrous (i.e., non-iron) forging. Without CEW data from any previous NAICS year that has these split out, we simply used 50/50.

For NAICS Code 335320 - Major Household Appliance Manufacturing, we used data from the 2012 NAICS scheme which had more detail than the 2017 NAICS scheme. Rather than simply splitting evenly amongst the 4 IMPLAN Industries that map to this 2017 NAICS Code, we used 2016 CEW data (based on 2012 NAICS scheme) which had 4 distinct NAICS Codes that each mapped 1-to-1 with the 4 IMPLAN sectors.


NAICS structure is set up into hierarchies in which correlate with the different aggregation schemes within IMPLAN. The "hierarchy" of the NAICS shows the relationship of one item to a particular category. The 2 and 3-digit codes are the same ones used for our 2 and 3-digit aggregation schemes. Below is an example of the hierarchy:

  • Sector: 2-digit code
  • Subsector: 3-digit code
  • Industry Group: 4-digit code
  • NAICS Industry: 5-digit code
  • National Industry: 6-digit code
Level NAICS Code Title
Sector 72 Accommodation and Food Services
Subsector 721 Accommodation
Industry Group 7211 Traveler Accommodation
NAICS Industry 72119 Other Traveler Accommodation
National Industry 721191 Bed-and-Breakfast Inns



Code Description
1 Oilseed farming
2 Grain farming
3 Vegetable and melon farming
4 Fruit farming
5 Tree nut farming 
6 Greenhouse, nursery, and floriculture production
7 Tobacco farming 
8 Cotton farming
9 Sugarcane and sugar beet farming 
10 All other crop farming
11 Beef cattle ranching & farming, including feedlots and dual-purpose ranching and farming
12 Dairy cattle and milk production
13 Poultry and egg production
14 Animal production, except cattle and poultry and eggs
15 Forestry, forest products, and timber tract production 
16 Commercial logging  
17 Commercial fishing 
18 Commercial hunting and trapping  
19 Support activities for agriculture and forestry
20 Oil and gas extraction
20 Oil and gas extraction
21 Coal mining
22 Copper, nickel, lead, and zinc mining
22 Copper, nickel, lead, and zinc mining
23 Iron ore mining
24 Gold ore mining
25 Silver ore mining
26 Uranium-radium-vanadium ore mining
27 Other metal ore mining
28 Stone mining and quarrying
29 Sand and gravel mining
30 Other clay, ceramic, refractory minerals mining
31 Potash, soda, and borate mineral mining
32 Phosphate rock mining
33 Other chemical and fertilizer mineral mining
34 Other nonmetallic minerals
35 Drilling oil and gas wells
36 Support activities for oil and gas operations
37 Metal mining services
38 Other nonmetallic minerals services
39 Electric power generation - Hydroelectric
40 Electric power generation - Fossil  fuel 
41 Electric power generation - Nuclear
42 Electric power generation - Solar
43 Electric power generation - Wind
44 Electric power generation - Geothermal
45 Electric power generation - Biomass
46 Electric power generation - All other
47 Electric power transmission and distribution
48 Natural gas distribution
49 Water, sewage and other systems
50 Construction of new health care structures
51 Construction of new manufacturing structures
52 Construction of new power and communication structures
53 Construction of new educational and vocational structures
54 Construction of new highways and streets
55 Construction of new commercial structures, including farm structures
56 Construction of other new nonresidential structures
57 Construction of new single-family residential structures
58 Construction of new multifamily residential structures
59 Construction of other new residential structures
60 Maintenance and repair construction of nonresidential structures
61 Maintenance and repair construction of residential structures
62 Maintenance and repair construction of highways, streets, bridges, and tunnels
63 Dog and cat food manufacturing
64 Other animal food manufacturing
65 Flour milling
66 Rice milling
67 Malt manufacturing
68 Wet corn milling
69 Soybean and other oilseed processing
70 Fats and oils refining and blending
71 Breakfast cereal manufacturing
72 Beet sugar manufacturing
73 Sugar cane mills and refining
74 Nonchocolate confectionery manufacturing 
75 Chocolate and confectionery manufacturing from cacao beans
76 Confectionery manufacturing from purchased chocolate 
77 Frozen fruits, juices and vegetables manufacturing
78 Frozen specialties manufacturing
79 Canned fruits and vegetables manufacturing
80 Canned specialties
81 Dehydrated food products manufacturing
82 Cheese manufacturing
83 Dry, condensed, and evaporated dairy product manufacturing
84 Fluid milk manufacturing
85 Creamery butter manufacturing
86 Ice cream and frozen dessert manufacturing
87 Frozen cakes and other pastries manufacturing
88 Poultry processing
89 Animal, except poultry, slaughtering
90 Meat processed from carcasses
91 Rendering and meat byproduct processing
92 Seafood product preparation and packaging
93 Bread and bakery product, except frozen, manufacturing
94 Cookie and cracker manufacturing
95 Dry pasta, mixes, and dough manufacturing
96 Tortilla manufacturing
97 Roasted nuts and peanut butter manufacturing
98 Other snack food manufacturing
99 Coffee and tea manufacturing
100 Flavoring syrup and concentrate manufacturing
101 Mayonnaise, dressing, and sauce manufacturing
102 Spice and extract manufacturing
103 All other food manufacturing
104 Bottled and canned soft drinks & water
105 Manufactured ice
106 Breweries
107 Wineries
108 Distilleries
109 Tobacco product manufacturing
110 Fiber, yarn, and thread mills
111 Broadwoven fabric mills
112 Narrow fabric mills and schiffli machine embroidery
113 Nonwoven fabric mills
114 Knit fabric mills
115 Textile and fabric finishing mills
116 Fabric coating mills  
117 Carpet and rug mills
118 Curtain and linen mills
119 Textile bag and canvas mills
120 Rope, cordage, twine, tire cord and tire fabric mills
121 Other textile product mills
122 Hosiery and sock mills
123 Other apparel knitting mills
124 Cut and sew apparel contractors  
125 Men's and boys' cut and sew apparel manufacturing  
126 Women's and girls' cut and sew apparel manufacturing  
127 Other cut and sew apparel manufacturing   
128 Apparel accessories and other apparel manufacturing
129 Leather and hide tanning and finishing       
130 Footwear manufacturing   
131 Other leather and allied product manufacturing   
132 Sawmills
133 Wood preservation
134 Veneer and plywood manufacturing    
135 Engineered wood member and truss manufacturing   
136 Reconstituted wood product manufacturing  
137 Wood windows and door manufacturing
138 Cut stock, resawing lumber, and planing
139 Other millwork, including flooring
140 Wood container and pallet manufacturing   
141 Manufactured home (mobile home) manufacturing
142 Prefabricated wood building manufacturing    
143 All other miscellaneous wood product manufacturing
144 Pulp mills
145 Paper mills
146 Paperboard mills
147 Paperboard container manufacturing
148 Paper bag and coated and treated paper manufacturing
149 Stationery product manufacturing
150 Sanitary paper product manufacturing
151 All other converted paper product manufacturing
152 Printing
153 Support activities for printing
154 Petroleum refineries
155 Asphalt paving mixture and block manufacturing
156 Asphalt shingle and coating materials manufacturing
157 Petroleum lubricating oil and grease manufacturing  
158 All other petroleum and coal products manufacturing 
159 Petrochemical manufacturing
160 Industrial gas manufacturing
161 Synthetic dye and pigment manufacturing
162 Other basic inorganic chemical manufacturing
163 Other basic organic chemical manufacturing
164 Plastics material and resin manufacturing
165 Synthetic rubber manufacturing     
166 Artificial and synthetic fibers and filaments manufacturing  
167 Nitrogenous fertilizer manufacturing
168 Phosphatic fertilizer manufacturing
169 Fertilizer mixing
170 Pesticide and other agricultural chemical manufacturing
171 Medicinal and botanical manufacturing
172 Pharmaceutical preparation manufacturing
173 In-vitro diagnostic substance manufacturing
174 Biological product (except diagnostic) manufacturing
175 Paint and coating manufacturing
176 Adhesive manufacturing
177 Soap and other detergent manufacturing
178 Polish and other sanitation good manufacturing
179 Surface active agent manufacturing
180 Toilet preparation manufacturing
181 Printing ink manufacturing
182 Explosives manufacturing
183 Custom compounding of purchased resins
184 Photographic film and chemical manufacturing
185 Other miscellaneous chemical product manufacturing
186 Plastics packaging materials and unlaminated film and sheet manufacturing
187 Unlaminated plastics profile shape manufacturing 
188 Plastics pipe and pipe fitting manufacturing     
189 Laminated plastics plate, sheet (except packaging), and shape manufacturing
190 Polystyrene foam product manufacturing
191 Urethane and other foam product (except polystyrene) manufacturing
192 Plastics bottle manufacturing
193 Other plastics product manufacturing
194 Tire manufacturing
195 Rubber and plastics hoses and belting manufacturing
196 Other rubber product manufacturing
197 Pottery, ceramics, and plumbing fixture manufacturing 
198 Brick, tile, and other structural clay product manufacturing 
199 Flat glass manufacturing               
200 Other pressed and blown glass and glassware manufacturing   
201 Glass container manufacturing   
202 Glass product manufacturing made of purchased glass 
203 Cement manufacturing
204 Ready-mix concrete manufacturing
205 Concrete block and brick manufacturing
206 Concrete pipe manufacturing
207 Other concrete product manufacturing
208 Lime manufacturing
209 Gypsum product manufacturing
210 Abrasive product manufacturing
211 Cut stone and stone product manufacturing
212 Ground or treated mineral and earth manufacturing
213 Mineral wool manufacturing
214 Miscellaneous nonmetallic mineral products manufacturing
215 Iron and steel mills and ferroalloy manufacturing
216 Iron, steel pipe and tube manufacturing from purchased steel
217 Rolled steel shape manufacturing
218 Steel wire drawing
219 Alumina refining and primary aluminum production
220 Secondary smelting and alloying of aluminum
221 Aluminum sheet, plate, and foil manufacturing
222 Other aluminum rolling, drawing and extruding
223 Nonferrous metal (exc aluminum) smelting and refining
224 Copper rolling, drawing, extruding and alloying
225 Nonferrous metal, except copper and aluminum, shaping
226 Secondary processing of other nonferrous metals
227 Ferrous metal foundries
228 Nonferrous metal foundries
229 Custom roll forming
230 Crown and closure manufacturing and metal stamping
231 Iron and steel forging
232 Nonferrous forging
233 Cutlery, utensil, pot, and pan manufacturing 
234 Handtool manufacturing         
235 Prefabricated metal buildings and components manufacturing
236 Fabricated structural metal manufacturing
237 Plate work manufacturing
238 Metal window and door manufacturing
239 Sheet metal work manufacturing
240 Ornamental and architectural metal work manufacturing
241 Power boiler and heat exchanger manufacturing
242 Metal tank (heavy gauge) manufacturing
243 Metal cans manufacturing
244 Metal barrels, drums and pails manufacturing
245 Hardware manufacturing
246 Spring and wire product manufacturing
247 Machine shops
248 Turned product and screw, nut, and bolt manufacturing
249 Metal heat treating
250 Metal coating and nonprecious engraving
251 Electroplating, anodizing, and coloring metal
252 Valve and fittings, other than plumbing, manufacturing
253 Plumbing fixture fitting and trim manufacturing
254 Ball and roller bearing manufacturing
255 Small arms ammunition manufacturing
256 Ammunition, except for small arms, manufacturing
257 Small arms, ordnance, and accessories manufacturing
258 Fabricated pipe and pipe fitting manufacturing
259 Other fabricated metal manufacturing
260 Farm machinery and equipment manufacturing
261 Lawn and garden equipment manufacturing
262 Construction machinery manufacturing
263 Mining machinery and equipment manufacturing
264 Oil and gas field machinery and equipment manufacturing
265 Semiconductor machinery manufacturing
266 Food product machinery manufacturing
267 Sawmill, woodworking, and paper machinery
268 Printing machinery and equipment manufacturing
269 All other industrial machinery manufacturing
270 Optical instrument and lens manufacturing
271 Photographic and photocopying equipment manufacturing
272 Other commercial service industry machinery manufacturing
273 Air purification and ventilation equipment manufacturing
274 Heating equipment (except warm air furnaces) manufacturing
275 Air conditioning, refrigeration, and warm air heating equipment manufacturing
276 Industrial mold manufacturing
277 Special tool, die, jig, and fixture manufacturing
278 Cutting tool and machine tool accessory manufacturing 
279 Machine tool manufacturing
280 Rolling mill and other metalworking machinery manufacturing
281 Turbine and turbine generator set units manufacturing
282 Speed changer, industrial high-speed drive, and gear manufacturing
283 Mechanical power transmission equipment manufacturing
284 Other engine equipment manufacturing
285 Pump and pumping equipment manufacturing
285 Pump and pumping equipment manufacturing
286 Air and gas compressor manufacturing
287 Elevator and moving stairway manufacturing
288 Conveyor and conveying equipment manufacturing
289 Overhead cranes, hoists, and monorail systems manufacturing
290 Industrial truck, trailer, and stacker manufacturing
291 Power-driven handtool manufacturing
292 Welding and soldering equipment manufacturing
293 Packaging machinery manufacturing
294 Industrial process furnace and oven manufacturing
295 Fluid power cylinder and actuator manufacturing
296 Fluid power pump and motor manufacturing
297 Scales, balances, and miscellaneous general purpose machinery manufacturing
298 Electronic computer manufacturing
299 Computer storage device manufacturing
300 Computer terminals and other computer peripheral equipment manufacturing
301 Telephone apparatus manufacturing
302 Broadcast and wireless communications equipment manufacturing
303 Other communications equipment manufacturing
304 Audio and video equipment manufacturing
305 Printed circuit assembly (electronic assembly) manufacturing
306 Bare printed circuit board manufacturing  
307 Semiconductor and related device manufacturing
308 Capacitor, resistor, coil, transformer, and other inductor manufacturing 
309 Electronic connector manufacturing           
310 Other electronic component manufacturing                       
311 Electromedical and electrotherapeutic apparatus manufacturing
312 Search, detection, and navigation instruments manufacturing
313 Automatic environmental control manufacturing
314 Industrial process variable instruments manufacturing
315 Totalizing fluid meter and counting device manufacturing
316 Electricity and signal testing instruments manufacturing
317 Analytical laboratory instrument manufacturing
318 Irradiation apparatus manufacturing
319 Watch, clock, and other measuring and controlling device manufacturing
320 Blank magnetic and optical recording media manufacturing               
321 Software and other prerecorded and record reproducing
322 Electric lamp bulb and part manufacturing
323 Lighting fixture manufacturing
324 Small electrical appliance manufacturing
325 Household cooking appliance manufacturing
326 Household refrigerator and home freezer manufacturing
327 Household laundry equipment manufacturing
328 Other major household appliance manufacturing
329 Power, distribution, and specialty transformer manufacturing
330 Motor and generator manufacturing
331 Switchgear and switchboard apparatus manufacturing
332 Relay and industrial control manufacturing
333 Storage battery manufacturing
334 Primary battery manufacturing
335 Fiber optic cable manufacturing
336 Other communication and energy wire manufacturing
337 Wiring device manufacturing
338 Carbon and graphite product manufacturing
339 All other miscellaneous electrical equipment and component manufacturing
340 Automobile manufacturing
341 Light truck and utility vehicle manufacturing
342 Heavy duty truck manufacturing
343 Motor vehicle body manufacturing
344 Truck trailer manufacturing
345 Motor home manufacturing
346 Travel trailer and camper manufacturing
347 Motor vehicle gasoline engine and engine parts manufacturing
348 Motor vehicle electrical and electronic equipment manufacturing
349 Motor vehicle transmission and power train parts manufacturing
350 Motor vehicle seating and interior trim manufacturing
351 Motor vehicle metal stamping
352 Other motor vehicle parts manufacturing
353 Motor vehicle steering, suspension component (except spring), & brake systems manufacturing
354 Aircraft manufacturing
355 Aircraft engine and engine parts manufacturing
356 Other aircraft parts and auxiliary equipment manufacturing
357 Guided missile and space vehicle manufacturing
358 Propulsion units and parts for space vehicles and guided missiles manufacturing
359 Railroad rolling stock manufacturing
360 Ship building and repairing
361 Boat building
362 Motorcycle, bicycle, and parts manufacturing
363 Military armored vehicle, tank, and tank component manufacturing
364 All other transportation equipment manufacturing
365 Wood kitchen cabinet and countertop manufacturing
366 Upholstered household furniture manufacturing
367 Nonupholstered wood household furniture manufacturing
368 Other household nonupholstered furniture manufacturing
369 Institutional furniture manufacturing
370 Wood office furniture manufacturing
371 Custom architectural woodwork and millwork
372 Office furniture, except wood, manufacturing
373 Showcase, partition, shelving, and locker manufacturing
374 Mattress manufacturing  
375 Blind and shade manufacturing   
376 Surgical and medical instrument manufacturing
377 Surgical appliance and supplies manufacturing
378 Dental equipment and supplies manufacturing
379 Ophthalmic goods manufacturing
380 Dental laboratories
381 Jewelry and silverware manufacturing
382 Sporting and athletic goods manufacturing
383 Doll, toy, and game manufacturing
384 Office supplies (except paper) manufacturing
385 Sign manufacturing
386 Gasket, packing, and sealing device manufacturing   
387 Musical instrument manufacturing
388 Fasteners, buttons, needles, and pins manufacturing
389 Broom, brush, and mop manufacturing
390 Burial casket manufacturing
391 All other miscellaneous manufacturing
392 Wholesale - Motor vehicle and motor vehicle parts and supplies
393 Wholesale - Professional and commercial equipment and supplies
394 Wholesale - Household appliances and electrical and electronic goods
395 Wholesale - Machinery, equipment, and supplies
396 Wholesale - Other durable goods merchant wholesalers
397 Wholesale - Drugs and druggists’ sundries
398 Wholesale - Grocery and related product wholesalers
399 Wholesale - Petroleum and petroleum products
400 Wholesale - Other nondurable goods merchant wholesalers
401 Wholesale - Wholesale electronic markets and agents and brokers
402 Retail - Motor vehicle and parts dealers
403 Retail - Furniture and home furnishings stores
404 Retail - Electronics and appliance stores
405 Retail - Building material and garden equipment and supplies stores
406 Retail - Food and beverage stores
407 Retail - Health and personal care stores
408 Retail - Gasoline stores
409 Retail - Clothing and clothing accessories stores
410 Retail - Sporting goods, hobby, musical instrument and book stores
411 Retail - General merchandise stores
412 Retail - Miscellaneous store retailers
413 Retail - Nonstore retailers
414 Air transportation
415 Rail transportation
416 Water transportation
417 Truck transportation
418 Transit and ground passenger transportation
419 Pipeline transportation
420 Scenic and sightseeing transportation and support activities for transportation
421 Couriers and messengers
422 Warehousing and storage
423 Newspaper publishers
424 Periodical publishers
425 Book publishers
426 Directory, mailing list, and other publishers
427 Greeting card publishing
428 Software publishers
429 Motion picture and video industries
430 Sound recording industries
431 Radio and television broadcasting
432 Cable and other subscription programming
433 Wired telecommunications carriers
434 Wireless telecommunications carriers (except satellite)
435 Satellite, telecommunications resellers, and all other telecommunications
436 Data processing, hosting, and related services
437 News syndicates, libraries, archives and all other information services
438 Internet publishing and broadcasting and web search portals
439 Nondepository credit intermediation and related activities
440 Securities and commodity contracts intermediation and brokerage
441 Monetary authorities and depository credit intermediation
442 Other financial investment activities
443 Direct life insurance carriers
444 Insurance carriers, except direct life
445 Insurance agencies, brokerages, and related activities
446 Funds, trusts, and other financial vehicles
447 Other real estate
448 Tenant-occupied housing
449 Owner-occupied dwellings
450 Automotive equipment rental and leasing
451 General and consumer goods rental except video tapes and discs
452 Video tape and disc rental
453 Commercial and industrial machinery and equipment rental and leasing
454 Lessors of nonfinancial intangible assets
455 Legal services
456 Accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping, and payroll services
457 Architectural, engineering, and related services
458 Specialized design services
459 Custom computer programming services
460 Computer systems design services
461 Other computer related services, including facilities management
462 Management consulting services
463 Environmental and other technical consulting services
464 Scientific research and development services
465 Advertising, public relations, and related services
466 Photographic services
467 Veterinary services
468 Marketing research & all other miscellaneous professional, scientific, & technical services
469 Management of companies and enterprises
470 Office administrative services
471 Facilities support services
472 Employment services
473 Business support services
474 Travel arrangement and reservation services
475 Investigation and security services
476 Services to buildings
477 Landscape and horticultural services
478 Other support services
479 Waste management and remediation services
480 Elementary and secondary schools
481 Junior colleges, colleges, universities, and professional schools
482 Other educational services
483 Offices of physicians
484 Offices of dentists
485 Offices of other health practitioners
486 Outpatient care centers
487 Medical and diagnostic laboratories
488 Home health care services
489 Other ambulatory health care services
490 Hospitals
491 Nursing and community care facilities
492 Residential intellectual disability, mental health, substance abuse and other facilities
493 Individual and family services
494 Child day care services
495 Community food, housing, and other relief services, including rehabilitation services
496 Performing arts companies
497 Commercial Sports Except Racing
498 Racing and Track Operation
499 Independent artists, writers, and performers
500 Promoters of performing arts and sports and agents for public figures
501 Museums, historical sites, zoos, and parks
502 Amusement parks and arcades
503 Gambling industries (except casino hotels)
504 Other amusement and recreation industries
505 Fitness and recreational sports centers  
506 Bowling centers 
507 Hotels and motels, including casino hotels        
508 Other accommodations                                                
509 Full-service restaurants
510 Limited-service restaurants
511 All other food and drinking places
512 Automotive repair and maintenance, except car washes   
513 Car washes
514 Electronic and precision equipment repair and maintenance
515 Commercial and industrial machinery and equipment repair and maintenance
516 Personal and household goods repair and maintenance
517 Personal care services
518 Death care services
519 Dry-cleaning and laundry services
520 Other personal services
521 Religious organizations
522 Grantmaking, giving, and social advocacy organizations
523 Business and professional associations
524 Labor and civic organizations
525 Private households
526 Postal service
527 Federal electric utilities
528 Other federal government enterprises
529 State government passenger transit
530 State government electric utilities
531 Other state government enterprises
532 Local government passenger transit
533 Local government electric utilities
534 Other local government enterprises
535 * Not an industry (Used and secondhand goods)
536 * Not an industry (Scrap)
537 * Not an industry (Rest of world adjustment)
538 * Not an industry (Noncomparable foreign imports)
539 * Employment and payroll of state govt, education
540 * Employment and payroll of state govt, hospitals and health services
541 * Employment and payroll of state govt, other services
542 * Employment and payroll of local govt, education
543 * Employment and payroll of local govt, hospitals and health services
544 * Employment and payroll of local govt, other services
545 * Employment and payroll of federal govt, military
546 * Employment and payroll of federal govt, non-military



BEA Benchmark & The New 546 Industry Scheme

Sectoring Schemes


Written August 30, 2023