IMPLAN Workshop

The IMPLAN Training Workshop is an interactive training course designed for IMPLAN users or for those in need of an introduction to the fundamentals of economic impact analysis. If you are ready to learn the best practices in IMPLAN, sign up today! 

Included in each package is one free project consultation (up to one hour, a $500 dollar value) with an IMPLAN economist to get your project rolling. This is time for you to speak one-on-one with the experts at IMPLAN to ensure your project is successful.

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Session Topics

Session 1

  • 1 Introduction to IMPLAN
  • 2 Getting Started in IMPLAN

Session 2

  • 3 Industry Event
  • 4 Industry Impact Analysis & Industry Spending Patterns Events
  • 5 Industry Contribution Analysis

Session 3

  • 6 Commodity Events
  • 7 Other Event Types

Session 4

  • 8 Construction Analysis
  • 9 Net Analysis
  • 10 Tourism Analysis

Session 5: 

  • 11 Exploring Region Details
  • 12 Introduction to Data Library
  • 13 Tips, Tricks & What's Coming Next


IMPLAN In-Person Training: 
This in-person training offers an on-site, 3-day session by our Education Services Team at the IMPLAN Headquarters in Huntersville, NC. This option includes, Day 1 & 2: breakfast + lunch, Day 3: breakfast. Transportation and lodging are not included but recommendations can be provided by request.

IMPLAN Virtual Training:
This virtual training offers live, weekly 4-hour sessions, taught over the course of 5 weeks by our Education Services Team. 

You’ll need access to the internet to participate in this virtual training.  All materials will be delivered digitally. Throughout the sessions, you can follow along with the examples in your account in the IMPLAN application. Having more than one monitor is recommended to make following along easier. Throughout the examples covered, we’ll be using Regions which you’ll also be able access in your account. If you don’t currently have an IMPLAN account, you’ll be given access upon payment. 


IMPLAN In-Person Training: $3,000 per trainee (this includes all training materials, meals, and a Project Consultation)

IMPLAN Virtual Training: Live: $2,000 per trainee (this includes all training materials, recordings of each session, and a Project Consultation)

Updated December 28, 2023