place to download commodities and percentage spending for each industry.

I know there's place to edit spending pattern if we set the event type as industry impact analysis(detailed). I wonder if there is place to download commodities and percentage spending data for each industry.

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    You can find this in the Region Details if you go to Social Accounts > Balance Sheets > Industry Balance Sheets > Industry Demand (filtering by the Industry you are interested in). From here, the Gross Absorption column will tell you the percentage of Industry Output that is accounted for by each Commodity purchase (as an Intermediate Input), which is slightly different than the Spending Pattern percentages that represent the percentage of Intermediate Input purchases. If you divide the row values by the column total for Gross Absorption (percentage of Output allocated to all Intermediate Inputs), you will have derived the Spending Pattern for this Industry. From this table, simply hit the three vertical dots in the top right and select to download in order to export this table to excel, where you can perform the calculation noted above. 

    Hope this helps!

    Michael Nealy

  • That solves my problem! Thank you!


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