How to Model Multi-Year Hiring in IMPLAN


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    Hi Matt! Thank you for your post. The type of Activity you use depends on your analysis and what you are attempting to Model. If you are looking at the impact of what X Employment to a certain IMPLAN Sector will have on the economy, then Industry Change is appropriate. However if you are looking at what the influx of labor income will have on the region, then you can use a Labor income or Household Activity Change. It is possible to have very dramatic swings in the makeup of Labor Income based on the cost of living and the firm mix behind the Sector. If you'd like to tell us the Sector we can look into the background data on this. As a check, prior to entering your inputs, did you change your Event Year to match the year the impact was occurring? Even though your Employment values are FTE's, IMPLAN thinks of Employment as a head count, or a roll up of Full time, Part time and seasonal workers. The Employment value that you enter needs to be as a head count. If your FTE was not entered as a head count, we do have a conversion spreadsheet here: In addition, make sure that you do not allow your Direct Employment value to increase over 505. When you enter your input values into the Event, are you entering both the Employment and employee compensation value? You can over ride the value that IMPLAN generates for the Employee Compensation. Since you have the Employee Compensation value, we recommend 1st entering that value then customizing the Employment value. Thanks!
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