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I have a supervisor who is pressuring me to find an employment multiplier for a county without entering a sector. So I only have a number of jobs being added. But, in fact, I have NAICS codes for all the jobs being added. She says that is too much data. Is it possible to get an employment multiplier for a county with no NAICS code specificied, and if so, is that even meaningful?

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    I spoke internally with the IMPLAN Data Team regarding this, and came away with a few items:

    There are a couple options for creating a single multiplier for an entire Region. However, we do not typically recommend calculating a region-wide single multiplier, since it is not likely to be very informative. Multipliers tend to vary a lot by Industry, and reflect an Industry’s production technology and rates of using locally-produced Commodities.

    If I understand correctly, you have data for jobs by NAICS code? If so, I recommend using our NAICS bridging feature to find appropriate IMPLAN sectors and run a series of Industry Employment Events to get study results. Then back calculate your own “overall” Employment multiplier by taking the Results of a correctly set up study and dividing Total Employment/Direct Employment such that you can give one singular multiplier value. The following article’s explanation of how multipliers are calculated may be useful: More on Multipliers.


    Hope this helps!

    Michael Nealy

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