NAICS To IMPLAN Industry Search


Choosing the correct IMPLAN Industry is absolutely essential to ensuring the most accurate Results for the analysis. But what if only the NAICS code or description is known? IMPLAN has streamlined the bridging process with a NAICS to IMPLAN search under the Event Specification dropdown menu for all Industry Events.

Users can download the complete NAICS to IMPLAN Industry bridge file from the Download section for the applicable Industry set. 


Nearly every IMPLAN industry can be mapped directly to one or more 6-digit North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code. The construction industries represent the principal exception, since the construction-related NAICS codes are based on specific components of construction (e.g., plumbing) rather than on the type of structure. It is far more likely that a user would know exactly to which NAICS code the firm/organization they want to model belongs to than knowing the actual IMPLAN Industry. 

To alleviate this complication, IMPLAN provides a number of ways to determine the most appropriate IMPLAN industry for a given NAICS code. One option is to aggregate the IMPLAN model to a higher level of NAICS aggregation (2-digit or 3-digit), or simply use the aggregation menu to see which IMPLAN Industries belong to the more aggregate NAICS codes. Another option is to use the  2022 NAICS to IMPLAN 546 bridge, which allows users to map their 6-Digit NAICS codes to IMPLAN Industries but requires them to download an Excel file and navigate away from the IMPLAN application. The easiest option is to perform a more automated version of this same process within any of the Industry specified Event Types. 

When working on the Impacts screen, this search is available through any of the Industry specified Events: Industry Output, Industry Employment, Industry Employee Compensation, Industry Proprietor Income, Industry Impact Analysis(Detailed), Industry Contribution Analysis, or Industry Spending Pattern. After selecting one of these Event Types, the NAICS button will appear next to the Specification field. Clicking on this will open up the NAICS to IMPLAN Industry Search.

Say for example we are trying to model the annual Output of Sean’s Pizza Palace (SPP), a sit-down pizzeria that has a full bar. We can utilize the NAICS to IMPLAN Industry search to find which IMPLAN Industry this restaurant would be categorized in. We know that SPP is NAICS code 722511 - Pizzerias, full service, so we can open the search box and search for that code.

Doing so will display all of the NAICS descriptions associated with that 6-Digit code, and the IMPLAN Industry that it bridges to. For Sean’s Pizza Palace, we can see that IMPLAN Industry 509 - Full-Service Restaurants is the correct specification. Note that here we could've also searched by descriptions if we did not have the exact NAICS code, searching for ‘Pizzeria’ would map us to the same IMPLAN Industry 509.

So now after we have found the correct IMPLAN Industry for our pizza establishment, simply click on that line within the search, then click Select. This will specify that IMPLAN Industry within our Event.


At this time, the NAICS to IMPLAN search is only available for the default IMPLAN 546 Unaggregated scheme, as well as with the 2 & 3 Digit NAICS quick aggregation schemes. The search is not available with any user-defined aggregation schemes.


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Written August 30, 2023