Marie Kondo believes that, “simplifying and organizing are the key to a serene environment.” We couldn’t agree more with her.

Event Tags are a feature in IMPLAN that allows you to organize Events within your projects by creating up to 100 self-defined categories. This process can save time and help declutter the screen for easy viewing. The Event Tags will follow from the Impacts screen to the Results screen and have filtering capabilities.


Adding Event Tags to Events is done in a few easy steps. Once the Event Values are entered, click on the Event Tag icon.

Clicking on this icon will prompt a popup window to create the first Event Tag.

Give your first tag a name that will help to organize your Events. Then click on the blue “Add” box to add your tag.

IMPLAN will add this to your tag list and it will now show up as an option at the bottom of the box. You can add up to 100 tags to a single Event/Project. To add an additional tag, you will have to click on the blue "Add" box each time you enter a new tag name.

Once you have your tags selected for the Event, you can click CONFIRM. Now the Event Tag icon will include the number of tags assigned to the Event.

Additional Events can also be tagged. Follow the same steps as creating a new tag, but in this case just select which ones you want applied to each Event using the checkbox (or add a new one from here).


A box near the Save button allows for filtering based on tags. Click on Filter Tags to open the box with the list of previously created tags. Select a tag and click Confirm.

Now, only the two Events that have “Sales Tax” as a tag are visible on the screen. Easily see what Events are included and click the Select All Events box to quickly drag only these Events to the Group. Remove the filter by clicking on the Filter Tags button again and unchecking the tag. This will again show all Events.


Users can also filter by an Event Tag on the Results screen. Choose one Event Tag from the Filter drop down. The Results will be updated to include only Events with that tag.


Written August 30, 2023