1. Where can I find the specific types of taxes and where they are included in IMPLAN data?

Check out the article Taxes: Where's the Tax? to see where all different types of taxes are included in IMPLAN.

2. Why am I seeing negative taxes?

We have an entire article dedicated to this entitled The Curious Case of the Negative Tax: Agriculture Subsidies, Profit Losses, and Government Assistance Programs.

3. All payments to government (other than payroll taxes and end-of-year corporate income taxes) are paid through TOPI.

  • TOPI includes all payments to governments other than payroll and end of year income/profit taxes. TOPI includes excise, sales, and property taxes, fees and fines, and licenses and permits. The sector that collects the sales taxes (retail, lodging, restaurants, etc.) turns the collected money over to government through their TOPI.
  • Payroll taxes include social security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, etc. They include both the employer-paid and employee-paid portions and show up in the SAM as payments from the Employee Compensation column.
  • End-of-year taxes corporate income are paid via the Enterprises (Corporations) column. End-of-year taxes are like an income tax for corporations and is paid out of retained corporate earnings.
  • Property taxes are paid through Sector 441 (HH's make a payment to Sector 441 - Owner-occupied dwellings through their PCEs). So an increase in income run through the HH institution would result in an increase paid to property taxes.

The tax impact report splits the TOPI tax impacts into the various categories based on the picture of that region's economy. We do not have industry-specific taxes paid (other than total TOPI, which is industry-specific) so the distribution will be an all industry average.

4. Does IMPLAN capture Mortgage Recording Taxes, and where are those taxes represented?

IMPLAN does capture Mortgage Recording Taxes. They are reported as Taxes on Production & Imports (TOPI) - Other Taxes.

5. What are the payments from Households to Personal Tax in the Direct Effect?

These payments represent the personal taxes paid by Households that received Household Income from the Direct Effect Industry. It's the Employee Compensation and Proprietor income from the Industry that winds its way down to Household Income.


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Updated August 21, 2020