Have you ever found yourself needing to run multiple projects with the same Spending Pattern, but had to edit them for each project? That is now a thing of the past with the new Custom Spending Pattern feature in IMPLAN! This feature gives users the ability to save Customized Spending Patterns by Industry, Institution, or Household for future use, making it a breeze to run impacts with the same Spending Patterns using the Custom Spending Pattern or Industry Impact Analysis (Custom) Event Types.


From the Dashboard

You can create a new Industry or Institutional Spending Pattern from the dashboard within the Custom Spending Pattern tile or from the Impacts page. To get started from the dashboard, select the Spending Patterns tile under Advanced Tools.

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From there, select the duplicate button on either the Industry, Institution, or Household Spending Pattern that you would like to create.

From there, select the duplicate button on either the Industry or Institution Spending Pattern that you would like to create.

A popup modal will appear with a few fields to fill in order to define your Spending Pattern.

First, select the Industry Set that you would like to use. Note that if you are subscribed to multiple sets such as the US, International, or Canada Provincial, you will be able to select any of those Industry Sets.

Next, choose your aggregation scheme. This will be limited to one of the defined aggregation schemes in your account for each Industry Set. This can either be one of the default aggregation schemes or a custom aggregation scheme.

Next, choose the Data Year. For the International Industry Set, select the applicable country from the Region list.

Finally, you will select the specification that you wish to customize. Selecting the dropdown will show the full list.  

After making your selections, click the continue button to start editing the Spending Pattern.

On the next popup modal, you will be able to update the Spending Pattern. The edit modal acts the same as it appears on the Impacts page, allowing you to edit, add, or remove any Commodity, change the Commodity coefficient and/or Local Purchase Percentage (LPP), and normalize or reset the entire Spending Pattern.

When creating a Custom Spending Pattern, the option to change the Spending Pattern default to Output instead of Intermediate Inputs. Setting the default to Output would indicate that your Custom Spending Pattern Event Value will first need to be multiplied by that Industry’s Total Gross Absorption

After editing the Spending Pattern, either click the Save or Save As button. The Save As button will allow you to name the Spending Pattern whereas clicking Save will default the name to the Industry/Institution selected. 

Creating unique names for each Spending Pattern allows for easy selection in the future. After choosing a unique name, press the Save button and it will take you back to the main screen.

Back on the main screen, the new Spending Pattern is available for use. 

You also have the option to delete, rename, or edit any previously created Custom Spending Pattern. 


From the Impacts Screen

Custom Spending Patterns can also be created on the Impacts page by clicking the Advanced Fields icon within any Industry, Institution, or Household Spending Pattern Event.

This will open up the edit modal with all the same options to update and change the Spending Pattern. From here, simply select Save As to give it a unique name after edits are complete. 

Note that if the edits you have made result in the Sum of Percentages to be greater than 100%, IMPLAN will prompt the following warning message. Click Normalize if this was not intentional, or click Continue if this was intended. 

The Advanced Fields icon changes from black to blue, to indicate the Spending Pattern has been edited by the user. Any Custom Spending Pattern created from the Impacts page is immediately available for use in this project as a Custom Spending Pattern Event.

Upon returning  to the Custom Spending Pattern tile, there is now a new Custom Spending Pattern created from the Impacts page displayed. These are now available for all future projects. 


Two Event Types allow users to utilize a Custom Spending Pattern: Custom Spending Pattern and Industry Impact Analysis (Custom). Users can select either Event Types options from the Impacts page.

The Custom Spending Pattern Event Type allows for the selection of any Custom Spending Pattern created in the past, while the Industry Impact Analysis (Custom) only allows for the selection of Custom Spending Patterns created for Industries.

After selecting the Custom Spending Pattern Event Type, users can choose the Custom Spending Pattern to use by clicking the Specification drop-down. Note only two appear in this account as there have only been two created. This list will expand as more Custom Spending Patterns are created. For the Industry Impact Analysis (Custom) Event Type, a list of Custom Industry Spending Patterns will appear in the Specification drop-down.

Further edits to the Custom Spending Pattern can be made as needed for both Event Types.

Editing the Custom Spending Pattern works the same as editing a standard Spending Pattern with one exception. The modal will have previous edits set as the “default” in Custom Spending Patterns. Any edits made to a Custom Spending Pattern in the Impacts page will only change the Event itself, not the original Custom Spending Pattern. 



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Updated June 12, 2024