Margins are included in all IMPLAN models and databases. Margins allow for purchases from Retail and Wholesale industries to be appropriately allocated among the retailer, wholesaler, transporters, and producer of the good in question, thereby correctly attributing the appropriate portion of the good’s sale price among all actors involved in bringing the good to the customer. Note, however, that margins in IMPLAN are not regionally specific. This article briefly discusses the margin data sources. Read more about the importance of Margins for analysis. 


Commodity margins are derived from the Bureau of Economic Analysis’ (BEA) Benchmark Input-Output tables. These Margins are updated annually and come from the Census Bureau’s Annual Retail Trade Survey and Annual Report for Wholesale Trade. 



Supply Chain vs Value Chain

Retail and Wholesale Industry Margins

Retail and Wholesale Commodity Margins

Editing Margins

Interpreting Results with Margined Events