Throughout IMPLAN is a wealth of information that allows users to view background data used in the models, better understand the economy of their region, and further build on their economic analyses. Not only can users view hundreds of data points throughout IMPLAN, they can also filter and download data in the Regional Details and Results, as well as create data visualizations and produce data queries in IMPLAN Data Library. The abundance of data available for IMPLAN users to interact with can make it easy to miss everything that is included. The following list provides a brief overview of the data available for IMPLAN’s U.S. based models.


  • Industry Data (2001-2022)
    • Examples:
      • Output
      • Gross Absorption
  • Commodity Data (2001-2022)
    • Examples: 
      • Domestic Exports
      • Trade Value
  • Expanded Demographic Data (2020-2022)
    • Examples: 
      • Labor Force Participation Rate
      • Educational Attainment
  • Occupation Data (2018-2022)
    • Examples:
      • Employee Compensation
      • Education Required
  • Environmental Data (2019 & 2023)
    • Examples:
      • Greenhouse Gasses 
      • Water Use
  • Employment & Wages by NAICS (Imputed CEW Data) (2001-2022)
    • Examples:
      • Employment
      • Establishments
  • Tax Data (2001-2022)
    • Examples:
      • Taxes on Production and Imports
      • Personal Income Taxes
  • Other I-O Assets (2001-2022)
    • Examples:
      • Deflators
      • Multipliers

To see a complete list of the data available to users in IMPLAN, download the following spreadsheet. The spreadsheet also identifies where the data can be found in IMPLAN (Region Details, Results, or Data Library) and links to additional information about the data elements and sources. 

Expand the individual data assets to see which data points are available under that section by clicking the plus icon next to column A.

Each data asset will have two main sections: Region Level and Data Elements. These sections will also denote where a certain data element can be found: Region Details, Results, or Data Library. This will be denoted with a Y (for yes) or a N (for no). For instance, we can see that Data Library has Commodity Data available only at the national, state, and county levels. 

Following the Data Library column down to the Data Elements section, we know that any element denoted with a Y will be available in Data Library at the national, state, and county levels. However, any element denoted with a N will not be available at any Region level in Data Library (unless otherwise specified). 


IMPLAN Data Elements



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IMPLAN Data Library


Written June 21, 2024