Overview of the Results Page


After selecting the Region, entering Events on the Impacts Screen, and running the IMPLAN Project, what's next? This article will provide a brief overview of what kind of data points can be found in the IMPLAN Project Results, how to navigate the Results Page, as well as some best practices for segmenting and downloading these Results.


The Results of an IMPLAN analysis can be viewed by navigating to the Results Page within an IMPLAN Project. This can be done from the Impacts Page by clicking View Results after running the Project or after reviewing the Impacts.

The Results Page can also be viewed by clicking the Results icon from the vertical navigation bar within an IMPLAN Project.

Lastly, from the Projects Page users can view the Results for any previously run IMPLAN Project by clicking the Results icon.


Upon navigating to the Results Page, users will first land on the Summary Overview Results. This is where users will have access to the Economic Indicators by Impact table, Tax Results table, and the Direct Leakages table among other additional Results tables. 

Without any filter applied (other than the default Dollar Year), the Results will be displayed in the project’s aggregation scheme for all Regions, Impacts, Groups, Events, and Event Tags.


In addition to the Summary tab, users can dig into more detailed subsets of the Results along the top bar by clicking on the associated tab. For example, to view Detailed Output Results by Industry, simply click on the Output tab at the top of the Results. There are currently six Detailed Results tabs in an IMPLAN Project: Output, Employment, Value Added, Tax, Occupation, and Environmental. The Download tab will be covered later in this article under the Downloads section. 


The filter bar along the top of the Results Pages is imperative to making sure that we are referencing the correct subsets of Results, which becomes more difficult as the Project becomes more detailed. By default, only the Dollar Year and Aggregation Scheme filters are applied to the Results. However, users can drill into more granular Results by applying additional filters for the Region, Impact, Group Name, Event Name, or Event Tag. Remember, without any filter applied (other than the default Dollar Year), the Results will be displayed in the project’s aggregation scheme for all Regions, Impacts, Groups, Events, and Event Tags. This is true for all Tabs in the Project Results.

In addition to adding filters for the Results tables, users can also sort individual columns to ascending or descending order by clicking the Arrow icon within the column heading. For example, clicking the Arrow Icon in the “Display Code” column of the “Industries by Estimated Growth Percentage” table would sort the Results in this table by Display Code by descending order.

Clicking the Arrow icon an additional time would sort by Display Code by ascending order.

Note that this applies to all tables and columns within the Results of an IMPLAN Project.


There are a few ways to download the Results of an IMPLAN Project. 

First, users can utilize the Download tab along the top of the Results Page. The Download tab allows users to download Project Results by Direct, Indirect, and Induced Effects for each Group, Event, and Region directly to csv. This is especially helpful when examining complex projects. The options are to Download the Summary Economic Indicators by Impact Type, Detailed Economic Indicators by Industry, Summary Taxes by Impact Type, and Detailed Taxes by level of government. The Summary and Detailed Results will download with the applied Dollar Year filter. At this time, the Download feature will not apply any other filter, just the Dollar Year.

Another option we have is to download all the results of a Results tab or table. For example, to download the entire Summary Overview page, click the Dashboard Action button in the top right corner, then click Download.

This will give the option to download this page as a PDF or CSV file for use outside of IMPLAN. 

Users can also download individual Results tables in multiple formats by clicking on the Tile Actions button, then clicking Download data

Note that these downloaded Results tables will always have a default row limit of 5,000 rows. If more than 5,000 rows of data exist, we suggest implementing filters for subsets of the Results (e.g. Direct, Indirect, and Induced) then manually compiling them into a single excel document outside of IMPLAN. 


Occupation Results

Tax Results


Updated April 4, 2024