IMPLAN has launched an improved option for comparing data across regions, industries, and even time! Data Library is an IMPLAN data product powered by Looker that allows users to produce data queries and reports.  

Access includes all of the following Data Library Sections for the all county and state level data throughout the United States for available IMPLAN Data Years (2001 - current year, unless otherwise noted below):

Commodity Data

Commodity Data include, for each region, Data Year, and Commodity:  

  • Foreign Exports
  • Gross Final Demand by Institution
  • Institutional Production by Institution

Commodity Data in Data Library

Core Competency Data

Core Competency Data include, for each Occupation:

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Abilities
  • Education Required
  • Work Experience Required
  • On-the-Job Training Required

Core Competency can also be viewed by Industry and by region. This section also includes Location Quotients for each Competency. 

2018 to current year Core Competency ratios can be applied to all IMPLAN Data Years from 2001 to current year.

Core Competency Data in Data Library

Deflator Data

Deflator Data includes Deflators for all Data Years for Dollar Years 1997 - 2060.  This Data contains Deflators for:

  • Output in each IMPLAN Industry
  • Commodity Output for each IMPLAN Commodity
  • Value Added Factor (and the components of Value Added)
  • Trade Institutions
  • Households
  • Other Institutions (each government institution, Capital, Enterprises, and Inventory) 

Deflator Data in Data Library

Demographic Data

The Demographic data include, for each region and year:

  • Number of Households by 9 income categories
  • Land Area
  • Population
  • Population Density 
  • Shannon-Weaver Index (S-W Index)

Data Library also has an expanded Demographic Dashboard, which includes the following for all US Counties and States:

  • Language Spoken at home
  • Housing: Occupancy and Vacancy
  • Age and Sex
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Educational Attainment Ages 18-24
  • Educational Attainment Ages 25+
  • Labor Force Participation: By Race
  • Unemployment: Rate by Race
  • Labor Force Participation Rate: By Age
  • Unemployment Rate: By Age

Demographic Data in Data Library

Employment & Wages by NAICS (Imputed CEW Data)


The Employment & Wages by NAICS Data include the Census of Employment and Wages (CEW) data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) with added imputed values for non-disclosures. Choose the level of granularity by selecting from NAICS levels two digit through six digit. This data includes, for each NAICS: 

  • Employment
  • Establishments
  • Wages

Employment & Wages by NAICS in Data Library

Environmental Data

Environmental Data include, for each Industry, the ratio of physical environment unit value per dollar of Output. This information has been applied to Industry Output across all regions, producing the amount of each Environmental indicator for each region, year and Industry.  Environment Satellites include: 

  • Criteria Pollutants
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions 
  • Land Use 
  • Mineral Use 
  • Nitrogen and Phosphorus Release to Water 
  • Pesticide Emissions 
  • Toxic Chemical Releases 
  • Water Use

2013 Environmental ratios are applied to all available IMPLAN Data Years.

Environmental Data in Data Library

Industry Data

The Industry Data include the following, for each region, year, and Industry:

  • Average Employee Compensation
  • Average Proprietor Income
  • Employee Compensation
  • Intermediate Inputs
  • Intermediate Inputs as a share of Output
  • Labor Income
  • Other Property Income (OPI)
  • Output
  • Output per worker
  • Proprietor Employment
  • Proprietor Income
  • Taxes on Production and Imports net of subsidies (TOPI)
  • Total Employment
  • Total Value Added
  • Value Added per Worker
  • Value Added as a share of Output
  • Wage & Salary Employment

Industry Data in Data Library

Occupation Data

Occupation Data include the following for each Occupation Classification:

  • Average Employee Compensation
  • Average Employee Compensation per Hour
  • Average Hours per Year
  • Average Supplements to Wages and Salaries
  • Average Supplements to Wages and Salaries per Hour
  • Average Wage and Salary Income 
  • Average Wage and Salary Income per Hour
  • Employee Compensation
  • Hours Worked 
  • Occupation Count
  • Supplements to Wages and Salary
  • Wage and Salary Employment
  • Wage and Salary Income
  • Location Quotient

Regional Occupation data is a reflection of the mix of Industries in the region. 2018 to current year Occupational ratios can be applied to all IMPLAN Data Years from 2001 to current year.

Occupation Data in Data Library

Tax Data

The Tax Data include, for each region and year:

  • Tax dollar value by unit of government
  • Tax dollar value by transaction type

This data provides details on regional tax authorities. Tax Data is available for Data Years 2001 - current year.

Tax Data in Data Library

Trade Flow Data

IMPLAN’s domestic Trade Flow Data, for each region, and year, include:

  • Count of unique Commodities traded between regions
  • Dollar value of trade between regions by Commodity

Trade Flow Data in Data Library




From the Data Library tile on the IMPLAN Dashboard users will be directed to the Data Library Welcome Page. The buttons along the bottom of the welcome page provide the following:

  • “Resources” links to the entire IMPLAN Support Site page to find all Data Library related articles.
  • “Looker Guides” links to this article where we’d like to provide more in-depth resources offered by Looker: 
  • Community Forum” links to the Data Library section on the Community Forum.
  • "Contact Support" prompts an email draft to Using the subject line “Data Library”, helps direct the question to the appropriate members of our support team.



Data Library consists of three main tabs in addition to the welcome page: Dashboards, Explores, and Looks. 

  • Dashboards: collection of tiles with an answer to a particular question; answer to related Looks on one page (a collection of data query visualizations)
  • Explores: where users build and run data queries in Looker by filtering, selecting, and pivoting Dimensions and Measures
  • Looks: saved reports; results of a data query



Data Library also has two additional sections of Pre-built Dashboards: Local Area and Footprint. The information gathered in the Local Area dashboards encapsulates various data topics to aid local area researchers in understanding a broader view of the local economy. The Dashboards available in Data Library Footprint are useful for studying Employment within an Industry or Occupation for a given Region. Read more in our support articles, Local Area Dashboards and Footprint Dashboards. 


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Updated April 15, 2024