Dipping Into the 2020 Data


The 2020 Data Year is now available in the IMPLAN application! As you can imagine, this Data Year is going to have some unique caveats that will reflect the state of the national economy during the global pandemic. Join us Thursday January the 20th at 1PM EST for this webinar that will cover some of that weirdness that is evident in the new dataset, why that weirdness is there, and considerations for using it in your economic impact studies. We'll even dig into the hospitality sector to see how their unique challenges can be seen in the data.


Dipping into the 2020 Data


2020 Data Release Notes

Pandemic: Analyzing the Economic Impacts of the Coronavirus

Pandemic: Additional Considerations when Modeling the Coronavirus

Using the Evolving Economy - COVID 2020 Q2 & Q3 Data


Written January 6, 2022

Updated September 20, 2023