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Occupation Data Uncovered


Did you know that IMPLAN includes data for employment, wages, and core competencies (knowledge, skills, abilities, education, work experience, and on-the-job training levels) for each occupation in each industry? Occupation data is available for IMPLAN users in IMPLAN Cloud and Data Library. Join our upcoming webinar to discover what this data set includes and how it can empower you to dig deeper in your analyses. On Tuesday, April 18th at 1PM, EST, IMPLAN Data Development Specialist and Support Economist Wesley Morgan will explore the ins and outs of occupation data – from its sources to the way it is organized. He’ll also dive into the newly added 2021 data, covering highlights from the new data and answering your questions about what has changed.




Occupation Data Details

Using Occupation Data in IMPLAN

Occupation Data Use Cases 


Updated September 20, 2023