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2022 Data Release Webinar


2022 data is coming to IMPLAN Cloud! Join our upcoming webinar as we take a closer look. Each year, IMPLAN’s economists work diligently to compile the latest data from a wide range of sources, fill in gaps in the raw data, balance the data across all geographic levels, and more, empowering users to make their analyses more accurate and timely. In this insightful conversation, IMPLAN Economist Jenny Thorvaldson, Ph.D. and IMPLAN Education Services Specialist Michael Nealy will highlight the new data sets incorporated into the 2022 Core IMPLAN Data and will explore some of the changes to the U.S. economy that are revealed by the new data set. Join us at 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday, November 29th to discover the updated data set.



Selecting a Dollar Year & Data Year

IMPLAN Annual U.S. Data

2022 U.S. Data Release Notes


Updated November 29, 2023