Adding Occupation Details to your Analysis


If you have ever wondered how many electricians it takes to screw in light bulbs in your region, this is the Link & Learn for you. This session will dive into how all those jobs in IMPLAN translate into actual occupations using the data found in the application. This dataset shows estimates of occupational employment, wages, hours, and core competencies (knowledge, skills, abilities, education, work experience, and on-the-job training) levels for each of over 800 distinct occupations. Join the Education Services team Friday, December 10th at 1PM EST when we will examine not only what the breakdown of occupations is in your area, but also how the occupation data is tied to your results. This gives you the ability to not only show economic and environmental impacts, but also those by occupation.




Using Occupation Data in IMPLAN

Occupation Data Use Cases



Production of IMPLAN's Occupation Data

A First Look at the 2020 Occupation Data in IMPLAN


Written October 18, 2021

Updated September 20, 2023