Never Too Small To Make a Difference: Environmental Impacts


Greta Thunberg noted “I have learned you are never too small to make a difference.” IMPLAN could not agree more. This Link & Learn will show how even the smallest projects have not only economic impacts, but also environmental impacts. IMPLAN’s new environmental indicators are available within the application to examine the current status of the environmental impacts in your region by industry, as well as the associated environmental impacts resulting from your economic impact analysis. The environmental categories include criteria pollutants, greenhouse gases, land use, mineral use, nitrogen and phosphorus release to water, pesticide emissions, toxic chemical releases, and water use. Join the Education services team Friday, November the 19th at 1PM EST to learn about this exciting new dataset created with the EPA and IMPLAN!




Environmental Data in IMPLAN

Considering the Environmental Impact of Proposed Expansion


Written October 19, 2021

Updated September 20, 2023