Farm to School Programs


How do Louisiana’s farm to school programs impact local economies and beyond? Farm to school programs aim to promote healthy lifestyle choices among children and introduce agricultural practices into schools through school gardens, educational activities, and local procurement of produce for use in school cafeterias. In this webinar, IMPLAN’s Customer Success Manager, Whitney McKinzie, discusses her award-winning research into the economic impacts of the local procurement side of farm to school programs. She’ll explore how she used input-output analysis, IMPLAN data, and interviews with school district child nutrition program directors to find meaningful answers to her questions about the economic impacts of increased levels of local procurement in school districts as a part of farm to school program participation. We hope you’ll join us Wednesday, October 26th at 1PM, EST! Sign up today to secure your spot!




The Curious Case of the Negative Tax: Agriculture Subsidies, Profit Losses, and Government Assistance Programs

Surveying for Input-Output


Updated September 20, 2023