Importing & Exporting IMPLAN Project Configuration


First came Project Sharing, then came Project Transferring. Now, IMPLAN is providing users the ability to Export and Import IMPLAN Project Configuration files. Exporting an IMPLAN Project Configuration allows users to easily save all of their Project specific details in a file outside of the IMPLAN Cloud application. 

This downloaded Project Configuration file can be imported back into an IMPLAN account at any time with just a few clicks.


Exporting an IMPLAN Project Configuration file captures all details of an IMPLAN Project in the downloaded file. This includes:

  • Project name
  • Regions
    • Default Regions, Combined Regions, Customized Regions, and Regions built in User-Defined Aggregation Schemes
  • All Events and Event details
    • Event Name
    • Event Type
    • Event Specification
    • Event Tags
    • Event Values
    • Any Advanced Edits such as customized Industry/Institutional Spending Patterns, Margins, etc.
  • Groups
    • Group Name
    • Group Region
    • Group Dollar Year
    • Group Data Year
    • Event/Group Scaling
    • MRIO 

Note that Exporting an IMPLAN Project Configuration file will not delete or make any changes to the original Project in the account. Importing the Project Configuration file will upload all of the details mentioned above as a new Project in an IMPLAN account. 


To Export an IMPLAN Project Configuration file, start from the IMPLAN Dashboard, then click on the Projects tile, or the Projects Icon from the vertical navigation bar.

From the Projects page, click the More Options icon on the right side of the Project you wish to Export.

A drop-down menu will appear, then select Export Project Configuration.

IMPLAN will then prompt a download of the Project as a .JSON file.


Importing an IMPLAN Project Configuration file can also be done from the Projects page. At the top of the screen, click Import Project.

Select the JSON file to import or drag and drop to the Import Project modal, then assign to a Project Folder. 

After selecting the file, click Import.

Now, all of the Project specific details are loaded into a new Project. It’s that easy!


In order to Import an IMPLAN Project Configuration successfully, the user will need to have an active subscription to the Regions included in the selected .JSON file. If the file includes any single Region that is not included in the subscription, the Import functionality will upload the Project, but the Impacts page will not include any Project specific details. If the file contains a Combined Region that includes any Regions that are not a part of the active subscription, the Project Configuration Import will fail altogether. 

Please also note, a Project Configuration file can be used for future releases of IMPLAN Cloud for a period of up to one year. 


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Written April 4, 2024