IMPLAN allows users to share and transfer their projects between themselves and other users with the same region subscriptions. This allows subscribers with additional authorized users to edit and view projects to allow replication of methodology and verification of events and results. 

The recipient of a shared project cannot duplicate the project or share with a third party. If there is a need to duplicate the project, consider transferring ownership instead.

Currently, IMPLAN projects can only be shared with or transferred to other IMPLAN users who have active subscriptions to the same Regions in IMPLAN. To learn more about adding users to a subscription, please reach out to a CSM at


To share a project with another IMPLAN user, start from the IMPLAN Dashboard, then click on the Projects tile.

From the Projects page, click the More Options icon on the right side of the project to share.

A drop-down menu will appear, then select Share Project.

From here, type in the email of the person/s receiving the shared project. *Warning - be sure to double check the email address. If the email is spelled incorrectly, the project will not be shared or could be shared with the wrong person.

After typing an email address, press enter or tab. If sharing with multiple people, press enter or tab after each email. The email will then appear with an X next to it confirming the email is now in place. After all recipients’ emails are added, click Confirm.

A pop-up will appear displaying the email address of the person/s whom the project is shared with. If they are correct, click Confirm again. The project will now be shared! The recipient will automatically receive an email when a project has been shared with them, unless they have turned off their notifications.

Any project shared with another user will have a multiple user icon appear next to the Project Name. This icon will turn teal to indicate when any user is active in the project.

This same process also works with folders. To share a folder, go through the same steps as sharing a project, but instead click the More Options icon next to the folder.

To remove any shared users from a project or folder, simply click the X next to their name, and click Confirm.


In addition to sharing a project, users are also able to transfer ownership of a project to another IMPLAN user (with the same active subscriptions). Transferring ownership also shares the project with the person who transferred it, so the original owner does not lose access to the project, but it will now appear in their Shared With Me folder. Unlike sharing a project, a Transfer will allow the new owner to take complete control of the project, allowing them to rename, move, delete, duplicate, and/or share the project.

It is important to note that transferring a project that uses a Custom Aggregation Scheme or Combined Region does not transfer the Scheme or Region itself. Those will only be usable within the transferred project or any duplicated versions of that project. However, transferring a project with a Customized Region does transfer the Customized Region to the other user’s account. These can be accessed by using the Region’s search bar.

A project transfer has similar steps as project sharing. First, select the project to transfer by clicking the More Options icon, then selecting Transfer Ownership.

From here, type in the email of the person with whom the project will be transferred. Check the box to confirm, then click Continue.

*Note - a notification that the project has been transferred will appear at the top of the screen, even if the email is incorrect. Be sure to double check the email before transferring or sharing the project.

*Note - unlike project sharing, project transfers cannot be undone by the original owner. If a user has accidentally transferred a project to the wrong person, please contact  


When a project is shared, it will appear in the recipient’s Shared With Me folder.

When a project is transferred, it appears in the recipient’s All Projects list according to the date it was last opened. To find the transferred project, sort the list by Name or Last Opened date.

Please be advised that there can only be one active editor on a project at a time. Users will be able to see when there are other active users in the same project, as the Multiple User icon will be highlighted in teal. If possible, try to avoid working in shared projects concurrently with other users.

If a user opens a project while there are active users, a pop-up will appear notifying who is the active editor.

When the active editor makes changes to a project, these may not be automatically reflected in the shared user’s screen. The shared user may refresh the project at any time to view edits. The active editor will remain in control of the project until they exit the project either by returning to the Dashboard or Project page.

When the active editor exits the project, edit control will pass to the second user in the queue who opened the project if there is more than one active user. When this occurs, additional users will be notified and a pop-up will appear with the name of the new active editor.

Due to the queuing nature of project sharing, users are unable to have multiple IMPLAN browser windows open while in the same project. For example, the shared user or editor cannot have both IMPLAN’s Region page and Impact page open within a shared project.


By default, users will automatically receive an email notification alerting them when a project has been transferred to or shared with them. Users can opt out of email notifications by changing the notification settings in User Preferences.

To access Preferences, click the User Profile icon at the top right of the screen. A drop-down will appear, then select Preferences.

From the Preferences page, click Notifications. Use the slider to enable or disable the notifications, then click Save.

If email notifications are enabled, the recipient will receive an email similar to the one below, indicating the project has indeed been shared or transferred along with a link to open the project.

If there are problems accessing a shared or transferred project, please contact the original project owner. If there are any technical issues, email


Written August 30, 2023