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The Customize Region menu is used for adding an Industry that doesn't exist in the Region, editing the Study Area Data, or simply accessing per worker ratios for each Industry in the Region. Customization can be done on Combined Regions, but they must be Combined prior to Customization.

This feature is currently unavailable when creating a project with a Custom Aggregation Scheme (2-Digit NAICS, 3-Digit NAICS, or user-defined).


Find the Customize Region menu by clicking the View Region Details button or the name of the Region itself. 

The option to Customize Region is available from the More Options icon within the Region Details. 


Clicking Customize Region will take users to the Customize section. Select an Industry by clicking the Industry from the list on the left-hand side or by searching for the Industry in the search field for the Industry code or description. 

For each Industry that exists in the Region, there will be information about how that Industry operated in that Region for a given year. This is known as the Industry’s Leontief Production Function (LPF) or Output Equation.

The Customize window will display most of the Industry’s LPF on the left: Total Industry’s Output, Total Employee Compensation (EC), Total Proprietor Income (PI), Total Other Property Income (OPI), and Total Taxes on Production and Imports, Net of Subsidies (TOPI). The only missing component is the Industry’s Total Intermediate Input value. 

The Total Employment for that Industry at the top is used to calculate the per worker values. The Output, EC, PI, OPI, and TOPI per worker (/w) values will be displayed on the right. 

All of these values are editable. Adjusting any of the Industry Totals or Output Per Worker values will change the LPF of the Industry. Any adjustments to existing Industries or adding new Industries that did not previously exist, will affect the regional economy as IMPLAN will need to rebuild the Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) for the Customized Region. This process will recalculate the supply and demand of all Commodities and their Regional Purchase Coefficients (RPC) for the Customized Region, affecting all rounds of spending. This process is not always the recommended approach. In some instances, it may be preferable to utilize the Industry Impact Analysis (Detailed) Event Type instead. 



When using the Industry Details Customization, be sure to make Employment value changes first, then work from top to bottom. If the values on the left are provided, IMPLAN will then calculate the ratios on the right. Alternatively, if you enter the ratios on the right IMPLAN will then calculate the values on the left. The Employment value will be automatically split across Wage & Salary Employees and Proprietors utilizing the national distribution for the added or new Industry. Negative values can only be entered for PI, OPI, and TOPI. 

In the example below, the Total Employment was adjusted to 2,000 so IMPLAN divided the Industry Totals by the new Employment to recalculate the Per Worker values.

Once edits have been made to an Industry, the Industry will be marked in the Industry list. The Industry list filter allows users to filter by edited or unedited Industries. If the user needs to customize more than one Industry, they must be done prior to clicking complete. Users are not able to customize an already Customized Region. 

Save changes by clicking Complete Customization in the bottom right corner of the screen. Be sure to give the Customized Region a new name based on the edits made.


Once the customization is complete, the customized Region will appear in the Selected Region field and display its build progress. Once the build is complete, View Region Details will appear. Customized Regions are marked with the Customized Region icon and appear in the user’s Combined & Customized View.

These Regions can be used across multiple Projects once created. 


Adding an Industry by Customizing a Region


Written August 30, 2023

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