The Industry Accounts contain information about the Industry Demand in the Region. Provided below are definitions and descriptions of many of the terms and categories found within the tables. From the Regions screen, click the View Region Details button or click the name of the region. Note that all the data in Region Details is nominal; it is not adjusted for inflation.


The Industry Demand tables include demands by the local institutions listed in each column from local industries and local institutions listed in each row. Think of each of these tables as the respective Local Commodity Demand table under Social Accounts converted from an Institution by Commodity table to an Institution by Industry/Institution table. 


This table shows the distribution of each Industry's production to Institutions, Capital, Inventory, and Exports from Study Area Industries.


This table divides the total Household's consumption, provided in Institution Industry Demand, into the 9 Household income classes.


This table expands the government consumption into the three Federal and four State and Local government types.


This table shows total Industry expenditures and receipts. Purchases are detailed by Industry (Intermediate Outlay), Institution, Imports, and Value Added, while receipts are broken into Intermediate Output and Final Demand.


The Aggregate IxI SAM (rows and columns are aggregated) provides an overview of the entire IxI Social Accounting Matrix. Categories in both rows and columns show totals for all types of monetary transactions. The Detail IxI SAM columns remain aggregated; however, rows are presented with Industry, Value Added, Institutions, and trade transactions divided additionally by transaction types. 

Details on these tables can be found in the article: Summary Description of Elements of the IxC and the IxI Social Accounting Matrix. 


The title bar displayed across the top of each Industry Account table contains buttons that can change the viewing attributes of the table. Column titles act as sorting buttons. Initially most views are sorted by Industry or Commodity code in ascending value (first row is 1 last row is 546). To change the way all fields in the table are arranged, click on the title of the desired column. All data in the table will be sorted in descending order (highest values listed at the top of the table) relative to the column title. To change how the data is sorted, click on another field. When the view has been sorted by a column other than Industry Code, the selected column title will appear with an arrow to its right indicating that the table has been sorted by this column header.


The download function allows data to be exported as a CSV or PDF by clicking on the Dashboard Actions icon in the upper right corner of the table. 

This will prompt a popup. Click download.



Written August 30, 2023