Regional Social Accounting Matrices, or SAM, represent an IMPLAN extension for regional Input-Output modeling. Like Input-Output (I-O) tables, a full SAM is a double-entry bookkeeping system capable of tracing monetary flows between Industries. SAMs extend traditional I-O accounts by also providing information on non-market financial flows including Industry-Institution transfers and inter-Institution transfers. This article details how to pull the full SAM out of the IMPLAN application.


Finding the Detail IxC SAM and the Detail IxI SAMs is very easy. Simply head into Region Details. The IxC is located under Social Accounts and the IxI is located under the Industry Accounts. Click on Export Detail SAM for either selection.

Once clicked, a file will begin downloading.


The file will appear in the browser as a .csv file (for Google popup will appear at top screen). Then open it up to view the full SAM!

We don’t recommend users manipulate this data unless they are acutely familiar with Input-Output models. Using IMPLAN to analyze economic impacts is far easier than executing it via the full SAM.


Here are the step-by-step instructions to convert the exported Detail IxI SAM Excel file into matrix form:

  1. Select the Region from either the Region Map or the Region List.
  2. Click on the selected View Region Detail icon. 
  3. From the Industry Accounts menu at the top, highlight the IxI Social Accounting Matrix, then select Export Detail IxI SAM.
  4. Once the file is downloaded, open the file to create a Pivot table within the workbook.
    1. Navigate to the Insert tab in the Excel ribbon.
    2. Select the Pivot Table button. This will open a Create Pivot Table window.
    3. From the Create Pivot Table window, select “New Worksheet”, then press the “Ok” button.

  1. This will create a new Excel sheet in the workbook. Before arranging the Pivot Table layout, navigate to the Design tab of the Pivot Table Tools to make the following changes:
    1. Choose ‘Subtotals’ -> Do Not Show Subtotals.
    2. Choose ‘Grand Totals’ -> Off for Rows and Columns.
    3. Choose ‘Report Layout’ -> Show in Tabular Form.
  1. To build the Pivot Table Layout, arrange the following fields:
    1. Select “Paying Code” and “Paying Description”, drag into the Columns section.
    2. Select “Receiving Code” and “Receiving Description”, drag into the Rows section.
    3. Select “Value”, drag into the Value section.
    4. OPTIONAL: Select “Transfer Code” and "Transfer Description”, drag into the Rows section below “Receiving Code” and “Receiving Description”.


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Written August 30, 2023