Here are the official IMPLAN production release notes for version 24.2 released on April 3rd, 2024. 


  • Implemented account data deletion. This automated process deletes all project data for a given account 30 days from the date that the account’s last (or only) subscription has lapsed. If you need to save your account details outside of IMPLAN prior to account data deletion, be sure to export all pertinent IMPLAN Project Configuration files. This will allow users to Import the Projects Configurations back into their account upon renewing their IMPLAN subscription.  


  • Added the ability to Import Combined Regions of U.S. zip codes, counties, or states using an excel template upload from the Selected Regions panel.
  • Removed the Covid Quarterly Data as selectable Data Years.


  • Fixed a bug when using Commodity Output Events with non-marginable Commodities that allowed users to leave the Local Purchase Percentage (LPP) blank. Now, if this field is left blank the percentage will default back to 100%.
  • Added a new Household Institutional Spending Pattern (Advanced) Event Type. This Event Type will allow users to manually specify the Spending Pattern of the modeled Institutional Household Spending. 
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in zero Indirect Effects for Industry Impact Analysis (Detailed) Events within a User-Defined Aggregation Schemes for International Regions.
  • Added the ability for users to create single-Region Groups in Event Templates. This also gives users the ability to assign Events to Groups within the same Event Template. 
    • Any existing Groups in the IMPLAN Project can have Events assigned to them in the Template. 
    • Additionally, any existing Events can be assigned to created or existing Groups within the Template. 
    • This functionality has been added for the U.S., Canada, and International Event Templates. 

Broaden the Audience 

  • Added a new Construction and Operations Wizard to the IMPLAN Cloud Application that will dynamically walk users through important considerations for setting up a construction and operations Project in IMPLAN. 
    • This Construction and Operations Wizard can be accessed from the IMPLAN Dashboard under Get Started > Guides. 

Spending Pattern

  • Added Household Spending Pattern to the Custom Spending Patterns Advanced Tool. The Custom Household Spending Pattern is selectable when using the Custom Spending Pattern Event Type on the Impacts page. 


  • Added the ability for users to Export and Import IMPLAN Project Configuration files from the Projects page.
    • Exporting an IMPLAN Project Configuration file allows users to easily save all of their Project specific details in a file outside of the IMPLAN Cloud application. 
    • This downloaded Project Configuration file can be imported back into an IMPLAN account at any time.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing Environmental values to display incorrectly when summed across multiple Regions.

Data Library 

  • Changed the default Occupation Data Year to 2022 throughout Data Library.
  • Removed the Covid Quarterly Data as selectable Data Years from Data Library.


  • Added the ability for users to aggregate of Results of Projects utilizing the Default IMPLAN 546 Unaggregated Scheme.
    • Added a Filter on the Results page that allows users to change the displayed Results from the 546 U.S. Unaggregated Industry Scheme to a 2-Digit or 3-Digit NAICS Industry Scheme.


Here are the official IMPLAN production release notes for version 24.1 released on January 18th, 2024. 


  • Updated the design of the IMPLAN log-in screen to be visually consistent with other areas of the IMPLAN application and Material UI Design system being used throughout the product.


  • Added the ability for users to utilize Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) in all aggregation schemes, both default and user-defined. MSAs will be searchable from the Regions Map View and selectable in the Regions List View. 
  • Users can now view the child Regions (counties and/or zip codes) for MSAs and Congressional Districts (CDs) in the Regions List View.
  • Implemented the ability to combine MSA and CD Regions. 
  • Added the Enhanced Demographic Data to the Region Details for all MSAs in the 2020 and 2021 Data Years. 


  • Improved the user interface for Regional Purchase Coefficient (RPC) customization by adding the ability to see beyond two decimal places for Local Use of Local Supply (LULS), Regional Supply Coefficient, and Regional Purchase Coefficient. This update also added a “Set LULS to Maximum LULS Value” option. 
  • Created a new pop-up window to appear after a user presses the “Run” button, which shows the progress of an analysis.
  • Added Industry Spending Pattern, Institutional Spending Pattern, and Industry Impact Analysis (Detailed) as selectable Event Types in all aggregation schemes.

Spending Patterns

  • Fixed a bug that was causing users to receive zero Results whenever utilizing a Custom Spending Pattern Event. 
  • Removed the Spending Pattern Year requirement in the International Event Template for Industry Spending Pattern Events and Institutional Spending Pattern Events. 
  • Added a step to the run process that will build out Spending Patterns for Industry Spending Pattern, Institutional Spending Pattern, and Industry Impact Analysis (Detailed) Events in non-default aggregation schemes. 
  • Added the ability to create Custom Spending Patterns for user-defined aggregation schemes. 
  • Created a pop up notification whenever a user edits the sum of Commodity percentages to be greater than 100% in an Industry or Institutional Spending Pattern.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing an error whenever a user uploaded an Event Template that included Institutional Spending Events with non-integer Event Values. 


  • Enabled Project Sharing for all IMPLAN users. 
  • Added four new In-App Guides for users who have elected to opt in. If you would like to opt-in to see the In-App Guides, please contact support@implan.com.
    • Impact of Tourism Events 
    • Impact of Green Energy
    • Contribution of an Existing Industry
    • Contribution of an Existing Firm


Written January 19, 2024

Updated April 4, 2024